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Human (Formally)
Mutt (Currently)



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Zachary Cain

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Eve Harlow

Amber was the lover of Zachary Cain.

Throughout BittenEdit

Season OneEdit

Amber met Zachary Cain and became his lover. In time, they grew so close Zachary revealed his being a Werewolf to Amber, and she accepted him. But then, Amber desired to be a werewolf herself but no matter how many times she asked Cain he refused to bite her, because he was afraid she would not survive the transition.

She became a part of the Mutts' conspiracy to overthrow the Pack, and even played a role in one of their schemes by lying on a road to lure in Jeremy Danvers who'd been driving on that road. When his guard was down, Amber reared up and cut Jeremy's leg with a poisoned knife before running off.

After Cain was captured by the Pack, Amber was afraid that her lover was doomed, and went to a restaurant to be alone. Elena tracked her there and confronted her, where Amber revealed she knew exactly what Cain and the Pack was, that Cain had told her the truth out of love, and she wanted what Elena had (unaware of the traumas Elena had undergone).

Then Karl Marsten and Thomas LeBlanc showed up, dismissing Amber while they spoke with Elena.

After LeBlanc made an attempt on Elena's life (against the wishes of Daniel Santos) he was caged by the other mutts, where Amber foolishly siezed the chance and convinced LeBlanc to bite her.

Alas, Amber suffered a terrible fate as she became stuck between the Change from human to wolf, and LeBlanc cruelly watched her suffer.

Season TwoEdit

Amber was later revealed to be alive but was still stuck in her mid-Change and had suffered brain-damage. Cain found her and had her on life-support, unable to let her go. But after talking with Logan Jonsen, Cain finally turned off Amber's life-support to end her suffering and sorrowfully said his goodbyes to the woman he loved.


Physical AppearanceEdit




Season One
"Summons" "Prodigal" "Trespass" "Grief" "Bitten"
"Committed" "Stalking" "Prisoner" "Vengeance" "Descent"
"Settling" "Caged" "Ready"



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