Clayton Danvers
Biographical Information

Stonehaven (Currently)


Human </small>
Werewolf </small>


Anthropologist Professor



Relationship Information

Unknown Father †
Elle (Mother) †
Jeremy Danvers (Adoptive Father)
Elena Michaels (Fiancée)

Supernatural Information
  • Basic Werewolf Abilities
Character Information
Portrayed By

Greyston Holt
Tristan Culbert (Young)


1, 2, 3

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Truth, Changes, Everything

Clayton "Clay" Danvers is a werewolf and one of the protagonist of Bitten. He is also the boyfriend, and later fiancé of Elena Michaels.

Early HistoryEdit

  • Clay was born to unnamed human parents. He was bitten when he was 7 by Malcolm Danvers, and found by Jeremy a year later.

Throughout BittenEdit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


Clay is very loyal to his loved ones, he is also very intelligent and smart, but at times Clay can be too aggressive and has a tendency to lose control over his actions.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tumblr omqqk9UCvB1tr6wqbo6 1280

Clay in wolf form

In his human form Clay is tall, very muscular, and has brown hair (to the shoulders) and blue eyes, he is generally considered to be handsome. In his werewolf form he appears as a dark brown wolf, and is much bigger than Elena in her wolf form.


As a human, Clay is skilled in hand to hand combat, but relies more on his strength rather than tactics. Being a werewolf Clay has all the basic abilities of his kind such as being physically stronger, faster as well as possessing heightened senses. Like all werewolves, Clay is able to transform into a wolf at will.


Elena Michaels

Elena is Clay's soul mate and later fiancée. Clayton was the one who bit Elena and turns her into a werewolf, after that she started to move away from him. She didn't want to be a "monster". She ran away to Toronto to have a normal life away from the pack. Their contact stopped. They haven't seen each other for a while. Later she had to come back to Stonehaven. At first Elena is distanced from him but as the series progresses, they eventually rekindle their relationship.


Season One
"Summons" "Prodigal" "Trespass" "Grief" "Bitten"
"Committed" "Stalking" "Prisoner" "Vengeance" "Descent"
"Settling" "Caged" "Ready"
Season Two
"Bad Blood" "Scare Tactics" "Hell's Teeth" "Dead Meat" "Rabbit Hole"
"Nine Circles" "Bad Dreams" "Dark Arts" "Scavenger's Daughter" "Fine Temporum"
Season Three
"Family, Of Sorts" "Our Own Blood" "Right Behind You" "A Quiet Dog" "Of Sonders Weight"
"Rule of Anger" "On the Brink" "Tili Tili Bom" "Shock the System" "Truth, Changes, Everything"


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