Paige Winterbourne
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Coven Leader



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Ruth Winterbourne (mother)
Aleister Vi (brother)

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Tommie Amber Pirie


2, 3

First Appearance

Bad Blood

Paige Winterbourne is a recurring character and ally of the pack led by Jeremy Danvers. She is current leader of a coven of North America, is an ambitious and powerful witch who has had a brief affair with Nick Sorrentino.

Early History Edit

Throughout Bitten Edit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Personality Edit

Paige is a resolute and ambitious witch who gives top priority to the good of the coven instead of her own feelings. Very attached to the family. She is a woman very protective towards her loved ones and is willing to do anything to protect them.

Physical Appearance Edit

Paige is a young woman with fair skin, red hair and a delicate face. Wearing mostly dark clothing vaguely reminiscent of the gothic subculture as sweaters with wide sleeves, corsets and lace shirts. She wears a lot of rings and necklaces, but the one that arouses most interest is a scarab-shaped bracelet wearing on her right arm, her magical talisman.

Abilities Edit

Paige Winterbourne is a very gifted witch, knower of magical traditions. Very skilled in telekinesis and spellcasting, the distinctive feature of her is that of channeling other witches, being able to communicate telepathically also a mile away.

Relationships Edit


Season Two
"Bad Blood" "Scare Tactics" "Hell's Teeth" "Dead Meat" "Rabbit Hole"
"Nine Circles" "Bad Dreams" "Dark Arts" "Scavenger's Daughter" "Fine Temporum"
Season Three
"Family, Of Sorts" "Our Own Blood" "Right Behind You" "A Quiet Dog" "Of Sonders Weight"
"Rule of Anger" "On the Brink" "Tili Tili Bom" "Shock the System" "Truth, Changes, Everything"


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