Sondra Bauer
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Biographical Information

Human (Formally)
Werewolf (Currently)



Character Information
Portrayed By

Carly Street



First Appearance

Dead Meat

Last Appearance

Rabbit Hole

Early History Edit

Sondra was originally a scientist of questionable ethics, as she performed genetic experiments with results so depraved her employers fired her once they found out, and her specimens were mercifully put down.

With her life and work ruined, Sondra considered committing suicide when she was met by Aleister Vi, who recruited her for her expertise in genetics.

Throughout Bitten Edit

Season TwoEdit

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Aleister ViEdit

Elena MichaelsEdit

Appearances Edit

Season Two
"Bad Blood" "Scare Tactics" "Hell's Teeth" "Dead Meat" "Rabbit Hole"
"Nine Circles" "Bad Dreams" "Dark Arts" "Scavenger's Daughter" "Fine Temporum"


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