Summons is the first episode of the first season of Bitten and the first episode of the series overall.

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Elena, a werewolf trying to live a normal life, is summoned home by Jeremy, the leader of her Pack, when it comes under attack by an unknown enemy. Returning to Stonehaven also means running into her first love, Clayton Danvers, the man who betrayed her by transforming her into a werewolf. Edit

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  • Ashleigh Rains as Christie
  • Mike Tanchuk as Drunken Patron
  • Jason Faulkner as Business Man #1
  • Chris Violette as Business Man #2
  • Garett Bullock as Taxi Driver #2
  • Heidi Tan as Waitress
  • Meher Pavri as Female Student
  • Yana Gold as Tammy (as Yana Guitberg)
  • Christopher Marren as Announcer (voice)
  • Kate Wheeler as TV Reporter
  • Amber Cull as Woman

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