Werewolf are creatures than transform from human form into wolves.

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  • Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Stamina: All werewolves, whether in their human forms or wolf forms, enjoy strength, speed, and stamina well above any normal human.
  • Enhanced Senses: Even in human form, werewolves have senses superior to humans, enabling them to track by scent, hear things even humans can't, and see in the dark.
  • Prolonged Youth: Werewolves age naturally until adulthood, after which they enjoy prolonged youth and live longer. They still age but noticably slower that some werewolf fathers and sons, like Antonio Sorrentino and his son Nick, might pass themselves off as brothers or even as uncles and nephews to avoid suspicion.
  • Changing: Every Werewolf has the power to Change from human form to that of a large wolf. The Changing is painful and be done at will (with training) or it can be triggered in response to threat to the werewolf's life. Otherwise, Werewolves need to Change at least once a week, as Changing becomes akin to a bodily need and delaying the Change can induce symptoms like increased adrenaline, a desire to run, an instinctive need to get out and work off the excess energy. Delaying a Change for too long increases the chances of a Change happening at a bad time.
    • Experienced werewolves can perform a partial-Change, like turning their fingers into claws.
  • Biting: Werewolves can bite humans and pass the gene onto them by getting their saliva into the human's blood. However, the process is harrowing and can be psychologically damaging as much as a risk to the human's life. The biting process is so precarious and dangerous that it can kill and be psychologically traumatizing. The youngest anyone has survived being bitten and successfully becoming a werewolf was a fifteen year-old boy, but no human woman has survived the process except for Sondra Bauer who pulled through physically but not psychologically.

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There are no actual types of werewolves as in different breeds, but simply a status.

  • Werewolf:
  • Mutt: Mutts are werewolves who are not members of Packs; they are rogues who drift here and there as they are not allowed to settle because that would be equivalent to claiming territory, and mutts cannot have territory. Because they don't live with packs, mutts tend to be the offenders of pack law and some have even gone as far as killing and eating humans, thus signing their own death warrants with the pack. Though some mutts are law-abiding, and every mutt who fathers a son must take the child and all contact with the mother is severed while daughters are ignored since the werewolf gene only passes down the male line.

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