Magic, as you might call it, does exist. We don't fly around on broomsticks or twitch our noses to cast spells.[...] We both need to keep our existence a secret. People panic at the thought of us. Always have, always will.
Witches are a race of supernatural beings who, like werewolves, live secretly among humans. Powerful, discrete probing of the supernatural world, witches are aware of other species supernatural as they take notes without interfering with other creatures. Witches are also responsible for the creation of lycanthropy, a real centuries old curse. Witchcraft is differentiated into Right Hand Path and Left Hand Path, where the latter is the dangerous art of dark magic, forbidden and avoided by most witches, who use magic only for good purposes.

Coven Edit

Witches in North America are grouped in small covens scattered throughout the North American continent and acting each for their own needs. It was mentioned that Roman was hunting Russian witches and the Russian Coven scattered and went into hiding. When a witch is accused of practicing black magic is cast out and her talisman is destroyed by the witch at the head of the coven, as witches practicing witchcraft only for the common good and to protect themselves from evil.

Male witches Edit

Unlike werewolves, witches give birth only to daughters because the boys are aborted due to an ancient prophecy that foretells a male witch bringing the Undoing, an apocalyptic event that will bring the destruction of all the witches. For this reason there are only women witches. But since their powers are hereditary, a male witch will have the same magical abilities of a female witch with more ease than the existence of a female werewolf, whose werewolf gene is generally difficult to bear for a woman.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magical powers are manifested in most cases during puberty, when a witch reaches maturity and goes through different trials during the Initiation, a ritual led by her own coven during which receives her Familiar - an animal spirit guide - and a piece of jewelry such as a ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace known as Talisman that will help to focus the magical power. Among the most widespread witch powers there are:

  • Spell Casting: The ability to manipulate reality with spells and incantations, using Latin words accompanied by gestures or ritualistic actions like lighting candles, casting circles, drawing symbols, mix potions. Spells and rituals are the cultural background of a witch, collected in spellbooks.
  • Potion Making: The ability to prepare supernatural concoctions using herbs, roots, pieces of animals.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one own's mind projecting power through the eyes or a hand gesture. Depending on the power level of the witch, she will be able to move more or less heavy objects or people and to a greater or lesser distance.
  • Telepathy: The ability to communicate at a distance telepathically. Establishing a metaphysical contact, the witch who acts as a channel will speak with the voice of the witch who wants to communicate. Her eyes become completely white and will be unaware of what is happening until she wakes up from the contact. A sudden disruption of channeling can be very dangerous, even deadly for the medium.
  • Necromancy: The art of communicating and awaken the dead for questioning on vital issues. It is a very dangerous and forbidden form of magic, practiced only by dark witches, because the dead are not to be disturbed.
  • Precognition: The ability to see into the future. Witches are able to see visions of the future.
  • Memory Manipulation: The ability to manipulate memories. Witches use this ability to scan a person's memories and see their memories.
  • Witch creation:  witches can turn ordinary humans into witches by injecting said human with their magical blood.

Known Witches Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As shown with Rachel, witches can be turned by injecting a human with a witch's blood.